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Why you need a diamond appraisal:

This is a true story about one of our clients:

Another client with an old diamond appraisal (from 2006) has found herself underinsured. She lost one diamond stud earring. The insurance company had her send the remaining stud to them and then sent her a check for the full value as noted on her appraisal from 2006. The problem is that the value of her studs have increased since 2006 and the insurance company won't pay the difference. The Jewelry Judge network is constantly stressing how important it is to have your appraisals updated to reflect the current market. The rule of thumb is at least every 2 to 3 years. Don't find yourself underinsured and out of pocket. Have your appraisals updated today!

Whether your loss is due to theft, damage, stones falling out or just mysterious disappearance, you need an up to date diamond appraisal for insurance.

Whenever you purchase a new piece of jewelry, you should have also get a diamond appraisal. The appraisal will confirm the value of your new purchase and prove ownership. A professional jewelry appraisal is a legal document that proves each piece of jewelry exists.

You need to have a record of fair market value in the event of divorce or for estate planning. A diamond jewelry appraisal will determine fair market value.

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