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About Jewelry Judge

Since its inception in 1989, The Jewelry Judge has grown to be the leading network of elite jewelry appraisal professionals throughout the United States and Canada.


Honesty and integrity were the foundations for the first Jewelry Judge Appraisal lab opened by Mr. Barry Block in 1989 in Long Island, New York. Since starting his career in 1967, Barry has built his businesses on ethical standards, continuously providing his customers with product knowledge, professional guidance, and most importantly, value for their hard earned dollar.

Barry's industry experience began when he was seventeen years old, working under his father's wing. After honing his diamond grading skills and learning every aspect of the business the "old fashioned way," Barry moved on to the retail end of the trade. Twenty-one years later, he moved from owning his retail store to opening his independent appraisal lab, The Jewelry Judge.

Barry's industry experience and education coupled with his sales expertise is the formula for professional success. His goal has always been to protect the jewelry purchasing public, as well as the honest reputable jeweler. Since opening his doors in 1989, Barry and The Jewelry Judge have earned the respect and admiration of an entire industry, as well as continuous accolades from his loyal clients.

Barry has spent years networking with many industry leaders, groups and associations to develop The Jewelry Judge: a network of elite jewelry appraisal professionals…the first in the history of the jewelry industry.

We are unmatched in our level of customer service. Our customers vary, but share a common need for professional, timely and accurate jewelry appraisals. Our unique concept of "While You Watch" appraising offers customers the opportunity to learn and participate in the appraisal procedure from beginning to end, providing the comfort of knowing that their jewelry never leaves their sight.

The combination of quality and personal service keeps customers returning, as well as referring others. Our customers can feel confident that The Jewelry Judge will offer invaluable services for years to come on all appraisal needs.

Today Jewelry Judge appraisal centers are located throughout the United States and Canada. The principles, procedures, ethics and integrity that The Jewelry Judge has implemented since its inception set examples and standards for jewelry appraisals far and wide.

Our Management Team:

Barry S. Block, GG, CSM-NAJA, ASA
Master Gemologist Appraiser®
Registered Master Valuer #1051402

Lynn Barash
Office Manager
Phone: 516.248.8130