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Why you should always get a diamond jewelry appraisal:

You should always get an appraisal from a licensed, independent appraiser when you purchase a new piece of diamond jewelry. A diamond jewelry appraisal is necessary for you to insure your new piece of diamond jewelry.

You need insurance to protect yourself in case of loss from theft or diamonds falling out. Jewelry Judge will also confirm the value of your new diamond jewelry. We act as consultants to the consumer and because we are independent and have high ethics you will always receive honest and accurate evaluations.

Our detailed reports guarantee you against switching if you leave your diamond jewelry somewhere for repair. If your diamond jewelry is undocumented, you have no way to prove you actually owned these items whether for insurance or tax purposes. Professional Jewelry Appraisals are legal documents showing the items actually exist, for you, your family and your heirs. Document your diamond jewelry with an appraisal for tax liability and equitable division for inherited jewelry or separation of an estate.

The Jewelry Judge offers a "Gemological Blueprint" of YOUR diamond. This document plots the exact type, size and location of your diamond's individual inclusions. With this information documented, your diamond can always be identified if needed. Whenever you buy a piece of diamond jewelry, let the jeweler know you will be taking it to your local Jewelry Judge lab for full independent appraisal.

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