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Customer Testimonials

After a ton of research online about how best to sell a diamond ring for my mother, I decided that getting an appraisal first was the best way to begin. We decided to visit Barry Block in Carle Place. The prior reviews were excellent and going with an independent appraiser made sense so much sense. While I was hopeful about the appointment, I was guarded about the process. That is, until we got to meet Barry.

His experience and knowledge was apparent from the onset, and his personality made it that much easier to communicate. You could see that jewelry is in his bloodlines. He walked us through the full appraisal process, with an explanation of the rating of the main diamond in the ring, clarity, color, shape, and what the real value of the ring should be, not an inflated or deflated number based on the influence of a retailer or an insurance company. The detail of his appraisal, with helpful comparisons to previous diamonds, settings, and rings he has seen help us full comprehend what the ring was realistically worth.

Barry sells no jewelry (the real reason you know you are getting an independent appraisal) but was able to help us put us in touch with someone who does auctions. We are able to get a great price on the ring!

Without Barry's experience and help, we would never have gotten a honest appraisal nor the direction on how to best accomplish the sale.

Both my mother and I highly recommend Barry to all who wish an independent appraisal!

Robert P.

Great seeing you and catching up. So you continue to be my hero!! I was disturbed by the earring appraisal. You know I know my jewelry and I knew the jeweler told me 18kt gold and 5 ct of diamonds. I have a great relationship with him. So I went into the store yesterday and verified what he told me. I then told him about the watches and that I took the earrings along unexpectedly and what you said. He turned white, he was visibly shaken and upset and it was obvious he was taken aback. Long story short, he said he bought a parcel of 5ct rose cuts and gave them to this guy to make the earrings. He called the guy who verified that his setter is in jail for stealing and he did not realize my guy was also a victim of the theft. Gave him a copy of the appraisal and the jeweler gave me $1500 back on the spot. Said no questions asked if appraised by you. He has emailed me three times apologizing profusely and not knowing how to repay me in terms of trust. THANKS SO MUCH for your honesty and help as always!!!!!

Margo K

First and foremost I want to take this opportunity to let you know what a pleasure it was to meet with you this past Tuesday! Your advice was much appreciated and followed regarding the stone we purchased and I am happy to tell you that the seller will return $2,400.00 to us, based upon your appraisal results. When they asked who the independent appraiser was, yes, they certainly knew you right away!!!

I am so relieved that this process went so smoothly, and I can't believe how quickly it was decided.

Paul and I loved the experience of the appraisals, and I know I will be in to see you for a few more appraisals in the future. Barry, thank you for protecting consumers, such as us, and for helping to ensure that honesty and integrity is maintained.

Sharon & Paul B.

I purchased a bracelet from someone I did not know, and was hoping to validate the quality and value of the piece. This was my first experience with Jewelry Judge Ben Gordon. Ben and Mary were incredibly professional and knowledgeable. They took time to explain what they were doing, how they arrived at the appraised value, and the bracelet was in sight the entire time. Everyone was very friendly and professional - they have been in the business a long time and it shows. Highly recommend!

Karen C.

Fabulous newsletter everyone should read. There is not a more honest professional than Ben Gordon. He and his creative wife Linda have designed two rings for me to perfection. The appraisals have not been questioned by my insurance company USAA and they replaced the piece at 100 per cent of Bens appraisal. I will always do business with them and can give this recommendation with warm feelings that I know true professional still exist!

Sharon Graham


It is an absolute pleasure dealing with this company and I will continue to recommend Jewelry Judge to all my friends and family. you have a customer for life.

Dear Barry:

My fiancé and I want to thank you for the wonderful experience of having you appraise our engagement ring.

Because the written certifications that came with the ring paralleled your highly concise and detailed appraisal, it felt like you were reading from a crystal ball! We went from relief that it was a legitimate diamond to being overjoyed at the value of my ring! By the time you were finished, we were both in tears. l was so moved that my fiancé had surpassed everything I ever dreamed he would buy me to signify our love.

You even advised that I had underinsured my diamond!

The experience of coming to you for our appraisal was indeed educational, but nothing less than a blessing of the love that an engagement ring signifies.


Annette & Peter


Thanks for sending the picture of the ring. It's so pretty! :o)

It was great meeting you yesterday. You were absolutely a pleasure to work with and we appreciate how you took the time to explain everything in detail to us. You're the best!! We will definitely be back when we have the wedding rings.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Filomena and Jimmy

Just wanted to say Thank You for your appraisal with Lee the other day.

He was extremely impressed with your educated amount of information with regards to diamonds, etc.

I love this ring, no matter how much the value or appraisal amount.

I am so happy that Alan from Doral gave us your name and phone number. I wish you a blessed day!


Hi Barry,

My husband Angelo and I Catherine, would like to Thank You for your appraisal on the Blue Diamond ring on March 1, 2011.

We purchased the ring in St. Marteen, while on a cruise in February.

During your examination, you revealed that the ring had been laser drilled. We weren't satisfied, since we paid $4,000 and your appraisal was $2,800.

We contacted NCL, along with PPI ( a group that guarantees all jewelery sold on the islands).. And after negotiation with them, they are granting us a full refund. Totally unheard of, they usually give store credits ONLY... Another negotiation...

We are in the process now of receiving all the necessary paperwork .. hopefully as promised.

I will keep you posted ..

And, again Thank you for your honest appraisal. I will keep you at the top of our list for appraisal recommendation to others.

Cathy & Angelo Maroulis


Thanks so much for all your help! We greatly appreciated it!

-Kristen and Pat

Hi Barry,

Thank you so much for doing the appraisals on Saturday morning. I really appreciate you explaining everything to me so thoroughly-and... I learned a lot! I'm completely fascinated by what you do!

Hope to see you again soon..

Kind regards,


I wanted to touch base with you as to what has been happening. Joann (Jewelers Vigilance Committee), and I spoke on the phone. She and I came to an agreement that $1,000.00 in cash or a new stone with a certificate from the GIA with a value of $6000.000 would be a fair agreement. I happen to agree with you that I should get a little more because I was mislead into thinking I was purchasing an SI1 stone.

Anyway the Jeweler contacted me and agreed to get me a GIA certified stone. which I am I happy with because at least I am getting what I paid for. I have also let Joann from the JVC know this is where we stand. Thanks so much for all your help with this matter. You are a true professional. I would recommend to anybody looking to get a diamond.

Jerry Ferris


Thank you for assisting my Fiancee with the appraisal. She went in on Thursday with her mother in the later afternoon. She was very impressed with your expertise and with the great service she received. Now she wants ME to go back to school become a Master Gemologist. I'm not sure how I feel about going back to school for a 2nd degree. Nonetheless, thank you very much for helping us.

James Kay

Hey Barry,

I came in this past Saturday at 1:30pm to have an engagement ring appraised. You were a tremendous help walking me through the type of diamond and all of the different marks and qualities as you appraised my ring. Thank you very much for your help and educating me on diamonds. I feel very comfortable referring you to anyone I know that buys a diamond. Now I am well prepared for any future diamond purchases.


Matthew J. Niegocki

Hi Barry,

I wanted to thank you again for your help this morning. You were very informative, pleasant and courteous. I appreciated all your efforts.

Best Regards,

Nicholas Minisci

Dear Randi

Just a quick note to say "Thank-you". I t was very nice meeting you. We appreciated the diamond lesson you gave us. We now know what to look for!!


Hector Alta"

Dear Randi,

From the first appointment with you, I was very impressed and continued to be on all following ones. Randi, you certainly went the extra miles for me with all your advice and contacts. I truly appreciate all that you did for me and the justice for my purchase! I will continue to direct people your way "You are the best"

Jo Collari

Dear Mr. Block:

My wife Nicole and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in allowing us to meet with you this coming Saturday morning. We are coming to you from Binghamton, NY, which is about 3.5 hours from your location, because we truly value your knowledge and expertise in jewelry appraisal. Friends here have asked us why we do not just find an appraiser in this area. Besides the fact that we do not feel comfortable trusting anyone else, I tell them that the Jewelry Judge is truly an independent appraiser and while we do not have many valuable pieces, those we do have are of excellent quality as you well know.

My wife and I will continue to be loyal clients to the Jewelry Judge. I have recommended your services to anyone who is looking for an independent appraiser and is willing to make the trip, or happens to be in that area.

Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing you on Saturday. By the way, should you want to know at this point, the piece is a 3.07 ct eternity band in white gold.


Christopher and Nicole Burns

Hi Barry,

I wanted to extend my sincerest thanks for the help you gave me a couple of months ago on the "true appraisal" vs the value of the diamond ring I bought from (Jewelers Name Omitted). After a long exchange and battle of sorts, she bought the ring back from me for a lot more than I would have ever expected on a resale. Because of the educated information you gave me" ie JVC, and 4 page REAL Appraisal ,along with the reality that the Appraisal I was originally given was "misrepresented, misleading and illegal" I was able to fight for what was "right". She conceded and bought the ring back! Thank you so much once again for your professionalism. I will certainly refer anyone to you.

Best regards,

Laura Baron-Calnan

To Whom It May Concern:

Fortunoff has a number of years' experience with the local Jewelry Judge. We have consistently found their work to be accurate and conscientious. They also are very ethical, open and transparent in their business practices, an important factor in making the Jewelry Judge a trustworthy appraiser and gemologist.

We would not hesitate to recommend the Jewelry Judge's services.


Amy M. Curran

Diamond Buyer, Fortunoff

To Whom It May Concern:

It is with great pleasure that I am writing this letter of reference for The Jewelry Judge. Having had the pleasure of dealing with firm for the past 10 years, I feel highly qualified to express my opinion.

The profession of Jewelry Appraisers is very young. Only 15 years ago, if we sold an item and the customer told us they were going to have it appraised, a red flag went up. Who would they go to for an outside appraisal? Would they get a "lowball" appraisal from a local jeweler.. possibly my competition?

Because the Jewelery Judge does not buy or sell, and their appraisers are highly trained and qualified, I no longer have those fears. I am comfortable, knowing that there is a non-biased, professional appraiser in my area who I can refer my customers to without fear of being low balled or bad mouthed.

Losing sales to bad appraisals is a thing of the past, thanks to the Jewelry Judge. I highly recommend them for all of your appraisal needs.

Sincerely yours,

Jeff Reizner

From Italy With Love - President