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Mr. Steven Knight and Barry Block have known each other for nearly 16 years. Mr. Knight was the original developer of the Jewelry Judge Software used by Jewelry Appraisers. He opened the first Jewelry Judge appraisal center in Canada. Mr. Block opened the first Jewelry Judge center in the United States. Mr. Block worked with Mr. Knight, improving on the software for 12 years while building his practice in Garden City, NY.

Mr. Knight and Mr. Block had discussed "franchising" the Jewelry Judge name and opening appraisal centers throughout the US and Canada. More than four years ago, they decided to join forces with Mr. Richard Drucker of Gemworld International, in Chicago, to further develop the software and start the Jewelry Judge Network. As such, the three of them are co-founders of the franchising of the Jewelry Judge name.

After two years, the partnership was dissolved for various reasons. In the dissolution, Mr. Drucker retained full rights to the software and Mr. Block retained full rights to the Jewelry Judge Franchise program. Mr. Knight received a financial settlement and was allowed to remain a Jewelry Judge franchise in Canada with no further rights to sell or solicit new licenses or develop software.

Recently, Mr. Knight violated the ethics rules of the Jewelry Judge Network by involving himself with the TTI company, and as such was involuntarily removed from the network. Since Mr. Knight owned the original trademark of the name in Canada, he will most likely be allowed to continue its use independently.

However, Mr. Block is forced to make clear and strong statements regarding Mr. Knight's non-involvement in the International Network for ethics violations. It is only because he owned the name first, that he may continue its use. Other violators would be subject to removal from the Network and would loss the right to use the Jewelry Judge name.

To All It May Concern:

Please take notice that Mr. Steven Knight of The Jewelry Judge in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, is NOT a member of the Jewelry Judge International Network of Jewelry Appraisers. Mr. Knight's relationship with the Network was terminated on November 3, 2004, for the following reason: The Jewelry Judge is an independent network of Professional Jewelry Appraisers. The strength of the service is that we are "mediators", with no commercial interest. Any attempt to use our service to promote the sale of any item is a violation of our ethical policy.

In addition, please be advised that the Jewelry Judge Network of Professional Jewelry Appraisers has NO relationship with Treasure Traders International and DOES NOT guarantee their products in any way.

Barry S. Block, GG, CSM-NAJA, ASA
Master Gemologist Appraiser
Registered Master Valuer #1051402
The Jewelry Judge, Ltd.
55 Cherry Lane, Suite 102
Carle Place, NY 11514